I have insecurities, I'm sure you do too. These insecurities consume me, and looking beyond them isn't easy. Although people around me have tried, and still do, to convince me that these “imperfect features” are a unique part of me and make me beautiful in my own way, I still struggle to see it and accept my flaws. This photoshoot is in a way a social experiment that I wanted to share with people struggling to overcome their "flaws". The models of this photoshoot are real people with real insecurities, they agreed to take part in this project and were kind enough to open up about what really goes on in their head when they look in the mirror. My aim was to take these insecurities and make them the main subject of the photograph. I wanted to show the world how these people see themselves. However, my main goal was to convince them and whoever sees these pictures that insecurities are what makes someone special and atypically beautiful. I AM NOT INSECURE is the begining of a movement founded in self-love and self-acceptance. Looking at this, I hope you too are able to look at yourself as art.

Assistant stylist: Lea Hadidian
MUA: Mandy El Bejjani
Outfits from Little Khanout (@littlekhanout) & Emergency Room (@emergencyroombeirut)